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Instant Grab Adhesive | Ritetack

Instant Grab Adhesive | Ritetack

Product SKU: #ET6-5000

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1 $19.90 ea
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The instant grab adhesive which delivers extreme strength!


If you only have 2 hands!

  • Saves huge amounts of time
  • Reduces the need for unsightly fixings
  • Proven worldwide


  • Unit: Per 290ml Tube
  • Per Tube Pricing:
  • 1 – 11 tubes $19.90 per tube + gst
  • 12 – 59 tubes $15.80 per tube + gst
  • Colour: White
  • Apply in strips then position, push and admire!
  • Applications: Stone, Concrete, Ceramic, Timber, Glass and Mirror, Most plastics, Metals, MDF, Cement fibre, Aluminium, Plasterboard, Bricks

Ritetack is a premium quality instant grab adhesive designed for building and construction professionals. Humidity assists with the curing. Designed to make your job easier!

It is from the Rite Adhesives range viewable at

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Ritetack can be used indoor and outdoor situations, be painted and retains its elasticity. Perfect for the building, transport, steel and HVAC industries.


This instant grab adhesive is odourless. Ritetack is also isocyanate, solvent, phthalate, PVC and silicone free.


It grabs instantly to 200 KGS vertically per SQM and 1000 KGS horizontally per SQM when used to specification.


Ritetack is a very high quality single component, instant grab adhesive with extreme initial tack.


Perfect for structural bonding in vibrating constructions. Not suitable for PE, PP, PC PMMA, PTFE, neoprene, bituminous substrates and continual water immersion. Always test before use. For further information click on the links below for the data sheets.




“After trying the Ritetack glue I was amazed at how good it was for my guys. We were building a wall and it was being screwed, filled, painted, etc…and I asked them to try the glue. It was so easy just to push it into place and it looks seamless. We have also tried it on a number of sign panels and found it to be quick, easy and strong. One of my staff commented that he had used it before in a previous company and his boss raved over it. I would highly recommend people to try it.”
Sign Installer, QLD